We mainly handle cosmetics which are made from Hokkaido Raw Materials .
Cosmetics heal and condition our skin, make it beautiful, and beautify not only the appearance but also the inside.
We grasp cosmetics in these ways.

Needless to say, Hokkaido, where the food self-sufficiency rate in Hokkaido exceeds 100%, is a land full of the blessings of nature.

The kindness of producers who would like to make more use of them in the world creates cosmetics with abundant ideas.
Also, the blessings of nature, the kindness of people, the rich ideas, they are the source of beauty.
Reasons why our products have plenty of essences which makes both the appearance and the inside beautiful.
We would like to spread such cosmetics to everyone.
Remark: Currently, We do not export cosmetics to overseas, but if you have any questions regarding OEM manufacturing, please contact us.

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